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What’s Trending in EMEA?

April 22, 2015
Anne de Kerckhove

By Anne de Kerckhove

Managing Director, EMEA

Videology Managing Director, EMEA, Anne de Kerckhove discusses the latest trends, complexities and challenges facing the EMEA TV & digital ad markets in this Q+A style interview.

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Laying the Pipes for a Cross-Screen, Addressable Future

April 15, 2015
Brandon Shainfeld

By Brandon Shainfeld

Head of Advanced TV and Partnerships

Yesterday’s announcement from Videa that it’s partnering with Videology to give media buyers the ability to programmatically plan, buy and report on television advertising is one of many recent examples showing how TV is beginning to enter the same realm as video in terms of data-enabled targeting and more efficient buying and planning.

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Addressable TV: From Good To Greater

April 13, 2015
Rhys McLachlan

By Rhys McLachlan

Head of Global TV Strategies

Addressable TV has long been touted as the next big thing in global advertising. But much of the momentum is coming from the U.S. where the fundamentals of TV advertising are at odds with the situation in Europe. For now, true addressable TV remains just out of reach in Europe for a number of reasons.

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If Video’s Battleground is Fought Solely on Cost, Who Wins the War?

April 01, 2015
Ryan Ladisa

By Ryan Ladisa

Vice President, Sales, Canada

As consumers, we understand that our purchase decisions hinge on two variables: quality or quantity. For those of us in the media planning and buying space - who are spending other people’s money - these same rules apply. Whether we’re acting as agents for brands, or we are the brands, the goal is the same—to drive ROI. So what happens when the focus becomes more about quantity than quality—and what does this do to the results?

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Programmatic TV: Parallel Paths To The End Game

March 26, 2015
Tim Castree

By Tim Castree

Managing Director, North America

One hundred percent addressable linear television is yet to come, and the reality is that it’s likely five to 10 years away. However, as Videology’s Tim Castree, MD, North America, writes in AdExchanger, there are two parallel tracks on the path to programmatic TV that are allowing advertisers to get a taste of the opportunities and promise it brings today.

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Full Frontal Advertising: The Opportunity to Put More Skin In the Game is Here

March 17, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

As the upfront and new front seasons begin, Videology Chairman & CEO Scott Ferber revisits his exploration of how the converging TV and digital video landscape will impact planning this year and in the years ahead. While we’re not completely there yet, Scott argues in Re/Code, we’re slowly headed toward a “full frontal” approach.

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Programmatic TV Driving Multi-Screen Conversation

March 12, 2015
Michele Skettino

By Michele Skettino

Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications

Yesterday’s Advanced Advertising conference in NYC hosted by Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News drew a large crowd, confirming the growing interest in programmatic television, the topic of the day. While Broadcasting & Cable has been the anchor trade publication of the TV business for decades, the number of mentions of automation, data, pipes, cross-platform and TV Everywhere at the event rivaled that of any digital conference, proving that TV has clearly entered a new age.

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MWC 2015: The Mobile Video Marketplace Heats Up

March 10, 2015
Catherine Hallam

By Catherine Hallam

Director of Data Strategy & Analytics

Mobile advertising - a subject rarely in the spotlight at Mobile World Congress - proved to be front and centre for the first time this past week. And while mobile display has been marketers’ bread and butter up until now, mobile video is proving to be its hot and hungry sibling – and one that’s quickly gaining the industry’s attention. For the first time, participants in the mobile video world are proving open to the idea of sharing the profile data accessible on consumers. The result: a rigorous land-grab as previously mobile DSPs rush to seize mobile video inventory, making this an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Until Vendors Measure Viewability the Exact Same Way, Discrepancies Will Exist

March 04, 2015
Quinn Sanders

By Quinn Sanders

Director, Product Management

Quinn Sanders, viewability expert and Videology’s Director of Product Management, offers his take on why there may be discrepancies between Media Rating Council-accredited providers.

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AdTech 2015: Birth of the Nine-letter Acronym?

February 26, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber explains why the three-letter acronym (TLA), at least from Ad Tech’s perspective, has outlived its usefulness. In a world of growing complexity and growing convergence, three letters just don’t cut it. The way we work now requires capabilities shared by both the traditional demand side and supply side of the house, and of course, data is the connective tissue that ties it all together.

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