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Tech Spotlight on Advanced Linear TV Advertising

December 07, 2016

In the research, IDC breaks down recent changes in the TV advertising ecosystem, including the rise of advanced linear TV buying through both data-enablement and addressability. The paper evaluates the challenges hindering advanced TV advertising’s growth and offers key questions to ask when considering an advanced TV technology vendor.

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How Auto Advertisers Can Use Data to Drive Powerful Video Results

November 17, 2016

For auto marketers, knowledge of where a consumer is in the vehicle purchase cycle is crucial in driving advertising strategy. There is a very different approach for effectively communicating with consumers that will buy a car in the next five years versus the next five weeks.
Videology has announced a partnership to bring Autobytel’s industry-leading automotive buyer-intent data to the video advertising ecosystem. Read the blog to learn more.

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Top Down: Strategic Data Targeting For The Entire Funnel

October 11, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

Last month in my Data 101 article, I discussed myriad data targeting tools available to travel marketers. This month, let’s take a deeper dive into the different use cases for strategically applying that data throughout the marketing process.

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The Evolution Will Be Televised

October 07, 2016
Rachel Gould

By Rachel Gould

Marketing Director

The way in which we consume TV is changing rapidly – and has been for the past six decades.  Today we have more screens, more connections, and more options than ever before, and there’s no sign that the evolution is slowing down.

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Videology at Advertising Week 2016

September 28, 2016

Parties, panels, peers and partners. Customers, clients, case studies and community.

Advertising Week is back. We love this time of year. It gives our industry a full week for face-to-face meetings, deep-dive discussions and collaboration on the topics that matter most. This year, we kicked off the week with sessions focused on topics near-and-dear to Videology: mobile video and advanced television.

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Dmexco and the future of TV

September 19, 2016
Cristina  Fasino

By Cristina Fasino

Product Solutions Lead

I was warned of how large and incredible Dmexco was but there is nothing like experiencing the annual conference’s astounding energy for yourself. More than 50,000 visitors came from all over the world and from a large number of industries to Cologne this year. In fact, the venue was full of exhibitors that I was not expecting to see at the conference: FMCG, consulting, banking and many other sectors have displayed a large interest in what digital marketing and technologies can do for them and joined conversations with advertising and media companies.

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The myth of digital as a TV killer

September 16, 2016
Jay Rajdev

By Jay Rajdev

VP of Brand Solutions

Digital and broadcast work well together and there’s a huge opportunity for smart brands to follow great content says Jayesh Rajdev, VP Brand Solutions at Videology UK.

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Don't Miss The Boat: Data 101

September 15, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

As a travel marketer, there are myriad ways you can spend budgets to sell rooms, cruises, vacation packages, and everything in between. Unfortunately, you don’t always know who likes what, why they would be interested in your product, or even if they’re even in the market to buy.

Fortunately, there are data targeting tools to help identify key audiences for your brand. In addition to the still very important age and gender targeting methods of traditional video advertising, hotels, airlines and other brands can now use technology to reach even more defined and relevant audiences.

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Don't Hire a Mechanic to fix your Toilet. Hire a Plumber.

September 13, 2016

If your toilet breaks or your sink starts leaking, who do you call? An auto mechanic or a plumber? Does it matter? They both fix broken things, right? Obviously, you call a plumber. Why? Because cars are very different than toilets or sinks, and you want someone with an expertise in the work you need done. So, when you’re ready to launch a video (TV-included) advertising campaign, does it matter what kind of technology vendor you work with? It’s all just advertising, right?

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DMEXCO: a preview to one of the year’s biggest shows

August 24, 2016

DMEXCO is fast approaching and Videology will be attending once again this year, with our team available for meetings in Hall 6, stand G-050.
With the state of programmatic video and TV guaranteed to be a hot topic among the 32,000+ attendees, key members of the Videology leadership team are preparing for the event by answering vital industry questions on the current state of play.

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