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Why There’s More to Deals than Deal ID

July 21, 2015
John Rogers

By John Rogers

Senior Vice President, Media Partnerships

While some of our competitors are making noise about the importance of Deal ID and the inefficiency of tag-based integrations, we have a difference of opinion. To us, Deal ID is just one piece of a larger equation.

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Why Distribution + Content + Ad Tech = New Video Triumvirate

July 15, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

This article was originally published on VideoNuze.

We’ve all heard the adage: if content is King, then distribution is King Kong. Now, with television viewing becoming more fragmented across a wider variety of screens, content and distribution welcome a third power base, ad technology; in essence creating an advertising triumvirate.

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Video Ad Content is Now Pervasive and Powerful

July 09, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

2015 has been an explosive year for video, particularly as it relates to the interplay of technology, advertising and content. Devices are transforming the way consumers watch programming. Traditional business models among broadcasters and distributors are evolving, and advertisers are more questioning of where and how they should be reaching consumers.

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TV and Online Video: Converging or Diverging? [VIDEO]

July 01, 2015

Several weeks ago Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber opened the VideoNuze Video Ad Summit in New York with a presentation on convergence, and followed that by moderating a panel titled “TV and Online Video Advertising: Convergence or Divergence Ahead?”, featuring panelists from Nielsen, Initiative, FreeWheel and Pivotal Research.

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What's Trending in North America?

June 30, 2015
Tim Castree

By Tim Castree

Managing Director, North America

This is the second in a series of Q+A style blogs in which we ask our regional leaders about the latest trends, complexities and challenges facing their respective TV & digital ad markets. Up to the plate this week is Videology’s Managing Director, North America, Tim Castree, who describes how there’s a growing similarity between the Upfronts and Newfronts and how the speed with which the supply side and big media owners are embracing ad technology has been this year’s greatest surprise.

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Videology & White Ops Take Educational Series on the Road [Videos]

June 22, 2015

Videology and White Ops, a pioneer in online ad fraud detection, took to the road the past two weeks to discuss their unique partnership and to educate the industry on how to use the power of data to eradicate bots and other non-human activity in campaigns across devices. Videology Product Management Director Quinn Sanders and White Ops CEO and Co-Founder Michael J.J. Tiffany traveled to London, Paris, Madrid and New York where they were joined by special guests for panels on the topic of non-human traffic and fraud.

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It’s time for Europe to join the fight against bots and non-human traffic

June 15, 2015

Last week we hosted in-depth client briefing events in Paris, London and Madrid to scrutinize the world of bots and non-human traffic (NHT) by bringing together industry experts to discuss how best to tackle the threat to online video advertising monetisation. Leading the audience through the cloak-and-dagger world of bots and NHT was Michael Tiffany, CEO of White Ops, the pioneer in online bot fraud detection, and a company that Videology has recently partnered with. Michael, alongside our own Quinn Sanders, Director of Product Management, provided compelling insights into an often-discussed but rarely-understood industry issue.

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Why We're Taking a Stand Against Non-Human Traffic

June 11, 2015
Quinn Sanders

By Quinn Sanders

Director, Product Management

Other industries do not merely report on fraud, they take proactive steps to thwart attacks from criminal perpetrators before they begin. At Videology, we believe it’s time that the digital marketing and advertising industry did the same.

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TV: The Centre of Our Universe

June 05, 2015
Rhys McLachlan

By Rhys McLachlan

Head of Global TV Strategies

Answering a column in MediaTel that suggests “there is a movement, a collective, of digital fanatics heralding the death of TV,” Videology’s Rhys McLachlan instead opines that many digital specialists instead “actively pursue a vision that is centred on turbo-charging TV by providing technology and integrations that will complement TV with the best that the digital world can offer,” not creating products to crush TV. “TV is still king. It remains the pre-eminent entertainment and marketing channel, and that’s why we’re all lining up for a slice of the action.”

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Q1 2015: Mobile Benefitting from Multiscreen Surge

May 15, 2015
Mark McKee

By Mark McKee

SVP, Marketing & Sales

Videology’s Mark McKee, SVP, Sales and Marketing, recaps the recently released Q1 U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance infographic report.

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