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5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens

July 12, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

While Americans are busy planning their summer vacations, travel marketers are busy looking for new ways to reach them with the draw of sight, sound and motion. Palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, children splashing in water, tanned couples running on the beach, a tall icy beverage—these are the images that have been used to court would-be vacationers for decades.

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Cannes in Review

July 08, 2016
Maria Shcheglakova

By Maria Shcheglakova

Marketing Manager, EMEA

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest advertising festival: a true demonstration of where the industry is going and the high the bar for creativity is set. Videology CEO Scott Ferber joined a panel on ‘AdTech vs. Creative’ with other industry leaders.

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Knowledge Lab #3: Advanced Linear TV Advertising

July 05, 2016
Michele Skettino

By Michele Skettino

Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications

Today, we’re releasing the third installment of Videology Knowledge Labs, this time focusing on Advanced Linear TV Advertising. This is a topic that’s been hot in conversation over the last year, and has resulted in a lot of questions.

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Videology Partners with Programmatic TV Platform AdMore

June 29, 2016

As you may have seen, today, AdMore announced a partnership with Videology to make their TV inventory, inclusive of national broadcast, more than 1,200 local and cable affiliates, available in our DETV™ product.

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TV 2020: Clear Vision of the Future of TV Advertising

June 27, 2016
Landin King

By Landin King

Communications Lead

Check out the video from our recent IAB webinar about the future of programatic TV featuring Scott Ferber, joined by Jeremy Helfand of Adobe Primetime and Jason Brown of AT&T AdWorks.

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Q1 2016: U.S. Video At-A-Glance Report

June 13, 2016
Mark McKee

By Mark McKee

SVP, Marketing & Sales

In looking at all of the impressions run through our platform in Q1, we found that more than 10% of the digital video campaigns used TV audience data to help find and reach relevant audiences. Within these campaigns, the TV segment used most frequently to target digital video audiences was the marketer’s own TV advertising schedule.

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PMPS: A Discussion with Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Rogers Media

June 07, 2016

As we noted in a previous piece, both suppliers and advertisers see the benefits of operational efficiencies and increased effectiveness of data-driven advertising technology, yet suppliers traditionally haven’t been willing to risk commoditizing precious video inventory in an environment that offers little transparency or control. PMPs, however, bring those efficiencies alongside transparent trading models.

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PMP: 5 Questions with GroupM's Chief Trading Officer

May 31, 2016

Advertising benefits tremendously from the use of programmatic technology, but the traditional use of real time bidding isn’t always the best fit for the constrained video market, especially when looking at the very limited supply of TV inventory. PMPs bring the best of both worlds together.

In this interview, Marketing Magaine asked Neil Johnston, Chief Trading Officer at GroupM Canada, a few questions on the subject of PMP’s.

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Buy Side Or Sell Side? For TV, Is It All Just Optimization?

May 11, 2016
Rich Astley

By Rich Astley

Managing Director, UK

A column written by Rich Astley for AdExchanger, covering the benefits of a technology platform that services both the demand and supply side of the advertising ecosystem.

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John Roger's Overview on Private Marketplaces in Canada

May 10, 2016
John Rogers

By John Rogers

Senior Vice President, Media Partnerships

A contributed article from John Rogers, senior vice-president, media partnerships at Videology, for Marketing Magazine, which discusses the rise in private marketplaces and their potential role in the programmatic TV ecosystem.

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