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Reining in a Complex Video Landscape

August 27, 2014
David Scatterday

By David Scatterday

Director, Product Marketing

The tech landscape seems to be forever expanding thanks to the proliferation of new solution providers and types. Many of those players driving the vendor explosion are data providers. The data trend is huge, and there will be increasing value for technology platforms that make it simple for brand advertisers to bring together their preferred data partners in one place.

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Avoid Paper Cuts: Time to Adopt the Digital IO

August 20, 2014
Haskell Garon

By Haskell Garon

Sr. Director, Product Management

The death of the paper IO is still not quite here. The industry shouldn’t be developing automation just for the sake of automation; rather, the goal is to build tools that allow advertisers, agencies, and publishers to spend less time on low-level tactical work like IO signatures, and more time on strategic initiatives that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns and media buying.

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Death by 1000 Checkboxes: A Product Challenge in the Enterprise World

August 13, 2014
Ryan Bricklemyer

By Ryan Bricklemyer

Product Lead

In enterprise software there is a desire to be able to customize the software to meet a number of different client requirements. There is an inherent challenge for product managers, because the ability to configure the system to certain workflows adds complexity to the overall product and leaves the door open to bad user experience or costly admin mistakes. What can a product manager do to limit the confusion?

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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

August 07, 2014
Quinn Sanders

By Quinn Sanders

Director, Product Management

It has been quoted that upwards of 50% of video ad impressions are served to non-human traffic.  Is this true?  Videology Product Management Director, Quinn Sanders, discusses this hot topic, and addresses how advertisers can avoid this growing problem.

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Second Quarter Recap: Catching on to Cross-Screen

July 23, 2014
Mark McKee

By Mark McKee

SVP, Marketing

Videology’s Head of Marketing and Strategy, Mark McKee, shares insights on the Q2 Video Market at-a-Glance infographics, explaining that the rate of advertisers opting for cross-screen planning is trending up.

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2014/2015 Upfront in Hindsight: Advertisers Are Ready for TV and Digital Convergence, Real Change to Happen Next Year

July 07, 2014
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

With this year’s “frontal” season behind us, its clear holistic upfront planning of big TV-centric budgets across both television and digital video is not going to happen this year– at least not in an industry-wide manner. This year, the industry has hit a psychological inflection point, and next year we’ll see the execution. But why the disconnect?

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The Real Power of Programmatic: My Response

July 02, 2014
Brian Danzis

By Brian Danzis

SVP Sales, Americas

Are open exchanges the future of online advertising?  Videology’s SVP of Sales, Brian Danzis, responds to an AdExchanger article by Joanna O’Connell, sharing his view on whether advertisers will choose to embrace this model.

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Product Evangelism: Empowering Your Organization to be the Smartest Guys in the Room

June 26, 2014
Joey Muething

By Joey Muething

Product Lead

Product Lead Joey Muething discusses the importance of empowering Product teams to transcend the buzzwords and jargon of the adtech industry, to truly understand the needs of our clients.

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Viewability: Break Through the Noise

June 17, 2014
Quinn Sanders

By Quinn Sanders

Director, Product Management

What questions should you ask any vendor claiming to measure or guarantee against Viewability and what are acceptable answers to those questions? Here’s a list of key questions and expected answers which should help us all break through the noise.

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All Roads Lead To Cannes

June 10, 2014
Rikki Webster

By Rikki Webster

International Marketing Director

The sheer number of technology and data companies flocking to Cannes Lions this year is staggering. So what can first-time ad technologists expect from Cannes Lions?

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