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AdTech 2015: Birth of the Nine-letter Acronym?

February 26, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber explains why the three-letter acronym (TLA), at least from Ad Tech’s perspective, has outlived its usefulness. In a world of growing complexity and growing convergence, three letters just don’t cut it. The way we work now requires capabilities shared by both the traditional demand side and supply side of the house, and of course, data is the connective tissue that ties it all together.

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Jive Talkin’ – Video and the Evolution of Simultaneous Viewing in Canada

February 19, 2015
Ryan Ladisa

By Ryan Ladisa

Vice President, Sales, Canada

A few times a year, we start to see headlines prophesizing the end of TV as we know it.  “TV is dead… cord cutters unite!”… our media industry is the absolute best at sensationalizing everything. But if you ask me, television is about as dead as the combustion engine.

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Q4 Video Market At-A-Glance: Advancing Forward

February 13, 2015
Mark McKee

By Mark McKee

SVP, Marketing

This week we released our Q4 Video Market At-A-Glance infographics. We found that advertisers are continuing to making the shift toward a screen-agnostic attitude and are also increasing their adoption of advanced targeting tactics.

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Super Bowl Advertising Moves Beyond TV Commercials

February 04, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

Over the years, we’ve seen an evolution in the type of ads featured in the Super Bowl, and a corresponding change in the marketing technologies that shape and deliver them. Those technological changes are providing more advertising opportunities, at more affordable prices than ever before, making this year the year you see the most result from your Super Bowl advertising –even if you never buy a Super Bowl spot.

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Report from CES: Advertisers Get Ready, Because Convergence is Here

January 16, 2015
Rhys McLachlan

By Rhys McLachlan

Head of Global TV Strategies

Videology’s Head of Television Strategies, Rhys McLachlan, offers his observations from last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. Even with all the innovation surrounding new and futuristic gadgets, the real story at CES in 2015 was that convergence is officially here - and advertising will never be the same.

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How 2014 Shaped the Future of Video

January 09, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

With 2014 behind us, we took a moment to review the trends and milestones of the past year for both our industry and our company in our 2014 in Review.

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Viewability Should Be Approached With Caution When Used As A Currency

December 19, 2014
Brett Salinas

By Brett Salinas

Director, Product Marketing

Viewability has many benefits to the marketplace as a strategic, directional optimization tool and fraud detection instrument. But, Brett Salinas, Director, Product Marketing, Videology, contends marketers should approach viewability with caution when using it as a currency for several reasons.

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Accelerating End-to-End Media Planning in a Post-Programmatic World

December 03, 2014
Rich Astley

By Rich Astley

Managing Director, UK

One of advertising’s greatest transformations across the past few years is the erosion of the categories ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’. The role of today’s buyer and seller is evolving and with it, we’re seeing the historical definitions fall apart. So why the change?

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Getting a Front Row Seat: Why Tim Castree Moved from Agencies to Tech

November 25, 2014
Tim Castree

By Tim Castree

Managing Director, North America

Last week Videology announced the hiring of Tim Castree to the new position of Managing Director, North America. Tim, who will lead Videology’s business across the region, brings with him an extensive background in the agency world. Find out more about Tim’s transition and his vision for Videology’s future in the region.

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Lose the Load Time: Cracking the Mobile User Experience

November 13, 2014
David Scatterday

By David Scatterday

Director, Product Marketing

Everyone agrees mobile is the future and that there are still a few big barriers before we can confidently state “the future is now.” But Videology Product Marketing Director David Scatterday contends that neither the crumbling cookie or the death of the display banner at the hand of native formats is the most important issue facing mobile.

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