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Coming up for air after my first Dmexco

September 17, 2015
Jon Block

By Jon Block

Vice President, Product and Platform, EMEA

While I’m not a newcomer to the world of advertising technology, my focus has always been on what it can do for the broadcaster. My time at ITV - the UK’s largest public commercial broadcaster –  would have, I thought, given me a broad view of the ad tech industry. However after my first visit to Dmexco it now feels as though broadcasters are rowing around the tip of a gigantic iceberg, totally unaware of how deep it goes.

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Getting Back to Basics: Why Brand Lift Measurement Will Never Go Out of Fashion

September 09, 2015
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

What is the “right” way for advertisers to measure their results, and deem a campaign “successful”?  Is Brand Lift, classically a TV-focused measurement approach, really the best metric to determine success in an ROI-centered universe?  You may be surprised at how important it is.

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Moving from Architecture to Engineering

August 19, 2015
Fatima Dowlet

By Fatima Dowlet

Director, EMEA TV Strategy

In order to ensure TV maintains its rightful place as the pre-eminent advertising solution for smart advertisers, broadcasters must work toward the reality of a digitised TV eco-system, argues Fatima Dowlet, Videology’s Director of TV Strategy in EMEA.

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Q2 2015: Advertisers Increasingly Implementing Converged TV, Digital Video Planning

August 14, 2015
Mark McKee

By Mark McKee

SVP, Marketing & Sales

We’ve known for some time now that cross-device digital video planning has been skyrocketing (70% of campaigns ran on more than one screen in Q2 2015 vs. 22% in Q2 2014), but the fact that the number of campaigns using TV data to help plan and execute digital video campaigns nearly doubled in just one quarter, growing 91%, tells us that advertisers are truly beginning to accept convergence, using data to connect with their consumers across ALL screens – including TV.

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What's Trending in Asia-Pacific?

August 05, 2015
Ken Pao

By Ken Pao

Managing Director, APAC

This is the third in a series of Q+A style blogs in which we ask our regional leaders about the latest trends, complexities and challenges facing their respective TV & digital ad markets. Up to the plate this week is Videology’s Managing Director, APAC, Ken Pao, who describes the changes taking place in the APAC video market, ho the Australian video market is different, and how APAC keeps up with convergence.

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Why There’s More to Deals than Deal ID

July 21, 2015
John Rogers

By John Rogers

Senior Vice President, Media Partnerships

While some of our competitors are making noise about the importance of Deal ID and the inefficiency of tag-based integrations, we have a difference of opinion. To us, Deal ID is just one piece of a larger equation.

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Why Distribution + Content + Ad Tech = New Video Triumvirate

July 15, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

This article was originally published on VideoNuze.

We’ve all heard the adage: if content is King, then distribution is King Kong. Now, with television viewing becoming more fragmented across a wider variety of screens, content and distribution welcome a third power base, ad technology; in essence creating an advertising triumvirate.

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Video Ad Content is Now Pervasive and Powerful

July 09, 2015
Scott Ferber

By Scott Ferber

Chairman & CEO

2015 has been an explosive year for video, particularly as it relates to the interplay of technology, advertising and content. Devices are transforming the way consumers watch programming. Traditional business models among broadcasters and distributors are evolving, and advertisers are more questioning of where and how they should be reaching consumers.

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TV and Online Video: Converging or Diverging? [VIDEO]

July 01, 2015

Several weeks ago Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber opened the VideoNuze Video Ad Summit in New York with a presentation on convergence, and followed that by moderating a panel titled “TV and Online Video Advertising: Convergence or Divergence Ahead?”, featuring panelists from Nielsen, Initiative, FreeWheel and Pivotal Research.

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What's Trending in North America?

June 30, 2015
Tim Castree

By Tim Castree

Managing Director, North America

This is the second in a series of Q+A style blogs in which we ask our regional leaders about the latest trends, complexities and challenges facing their respective TV & digital ad markets. Up to the plate this week is Videology’s Managing Director, North America, Tim Castree, who describes how there’s a growing similarity between the Upfronts and Newfronts and how the speed with which the supply side and big media owners are embracing ad technology has been this year’s greatest surprise.

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